After School Program

Pick Up / Homework Supervision

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Our afterschool program is based on the value and philosophy of martial arts.  We provide a well structured, safe and supportive environment where children are encouraged to be courteous, considerate to one each other and care about the work they put in everything they do.  We also balance that structure and discipline with fun activities.  There is never a dull moment.  We also provide art, piano and cooking classes, to go along with mandatory Taekwondo.  Here are how our program sets apart from others;

Great Facility

AMAA sits on a more than a 1-acre facility.

Safe Van Pick Up

We only use new vehicles and we are compliant with CHIP regulation to ensure to safety of your children.  All drivers are well trained and go to a strict background check.

Supervised Homework 

Discipline is the hallmark of our program.  All children must finish the homework first when they arrive at our center.  Our counselors understand each and every school and teacher's homework system and they will supervise our children to finish their homework.   When they are done with their homework, they are allowed to enjoy assigned enrichment programs or free playtime.

Enrichment Program 

Taekwondo, art, piano, craft, and others.

Spacious Recreation Room and Outdoor Play Area

We have a nice computer room, a ping-pong table, a full-size basketball court, and plenty of play areas for our children to get plenty of exercises and have fun.  All children's playtime is supervised by our counselors and enforces the culture of our martial arts of respect, courtesy, and team spirit.  There is zero tolerance for bullying.

Community Spirit 

Our parents will find out that we are more than an after-school program.  This is a community built and based on traditional values of respect, courtesy, responsibility, and humility.  We encourage and foster the spirit of friendship, teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship.  We are a village where you can raise your children and build a lot of great memories.