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2020 Instructors Team

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Head Master : Derrick Kwak (6th dan)     

Chief Inst. : Derrick Jr Kwak (3rd dan)

Sr. Inst. : Todd Peterson (3rd dan)

Sr. Inst. : Connor Navin (3rd dan)

Sr. Inst. : Elizabeth Snedeker (3rd dan)

Jr. Inst. : Daniel Kwak (3rd dan) 

Jr. Inst. : Sarah Kwak (2nd dan)

Jr. Inst. : Luke Behrens (2nd dan) 

Jr. Inst. : Alex Kountouris (1st dan)

Coaching Staff
Sparring Sr. Coach : Derrick Kwak Jr. (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2020 AAU & USAT National Team)

Sparring Jr. Coach : Charlie Hartwell (2017 & 2019 USAT and AAU medalist)

Sparring Jr. Coach : Martin Lado (2017 AAU & USAT National Team, 2017 PamAm Gold medalist) 

Demo Jr. Coach : Juliet Catherine Hughes Diballa (2015, 2017 California State champion) 

Demo Jr. Coach : Brooke E Castillo (2014 USAT National Team alternate)

We are proud accredited & Affiliates of  

The governing body of traditional Taekwondo.  All our black belts are Kukkiwon certified. 
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AAU provides safe and

affordable sport competition experience for its members.  It also develops and support

youth athletes and we are proud to be their district representative.  

NGBD and a part of USOC.
Member since 2003 and we have produced more than 150 medalists and numerous national team members.
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World Taekwondo governs sport Taekwondo events, including Olympic, world championship and all regional qualifiers.  
Background check and safe training environment for our staff and students
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