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A high-level Taekwondo competition team comprises exceptional athletes who aspire to become the best in their sport. These individuals set ambitious goals and continuously plan their training to improve and surpass their limits. They possess a relentless competitive spirit, always seeking opportunities to showcase their skills and outperform their opponents.

Self-control is a defining characteristic of these elite athletes. They exhibit discipline and focus, channeling their energy and executing precise techniques with unwavering composure. This self-control enables them to make split-second decisions and perform at their best under pressure.

To compete at such a high level, these athletes prioritize elite fitness. They undergo rigorous physical conditioning, strength training, and agility exercises to enhance their speed, power, and endurance. As a result, their bodies are finely tuned, enabling them to execute lightning-fast kicks and dynamic movements with remarkable precision.

In summary, a high-level Taekwondo competition team comprises athletes aspiring to become the best in their discipline. Through goal setting, a competitive spirit, self-control, and elite fitness, these individuals strive for excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of their capabilities to achieve remarkable feats in their sport.




  • Produce excellent student-athletes in Taekwondo

  • Practice high-performance Taekwondo under the spirit of traditional martial arts

  • Promote world-class Taekwondo athlete with passion, talent and work ethic.


  • The pursuit of high-performance Taekwondo in a safe environment and culture of respect

  • Building true life skills; character training and leadership skills through sport Taekwondo.

  • Produce state, national and world champions in sport Taekwondo; poomsae and Kyrogi.



  • AMAA competition program started in 2002.

  • AMAA sent 5 athletes to USTU nationals in 2003; four out five athletes won medals

  • Changed the team name to MDK in 2008;

  • Started formal Poomsae team from 2012

  • Produced more than 100 + national medalist since 2003​

  • Produced Cadet and Jr. National Team members (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

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Gigi Gil







Katheryn Bell            







Eric Mastrolonardo      






Brooke Castillo           




Aiden Suarez


Martin Lado

Marlon Arevalo

Derrick Kwak Jr.


Vishal Kattoju



2008 USAT Jr. Nationals - Gold  
2008, 2009  Jr. National Team                                 

2008 Pam Am Gold

2011 Jr. National Team                                            

2011 Pam Am Bronze




2011 USAT Jr. National - Gold

2012 USAT Jr. National Team 

2012 Pam Am - Bronze





2011 USAT Jr. National - Gold
2017 NCTA National Team





2014 Cadet National Team (Alternate)




2015 AAU Cadet National Team


2017 USAT Cadet National Team

2017 AAU Cadet National Team 

2017 Pam Am Taekwondo Championship - Gold

2018 AAU Jr. National Team (Alternate)

2014 USAT Cadet National Team                       
2014 AAU Cadet National Team                                     

2015 AAU Jr. National Team                         
2016 USAT Jr. National Team (Jr. Worlds) 

2017 AAU & USAT Jr. National Team (Alternate)

2020 AAU Sr. National Team


2023 AAU Jr. National Team