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This is the most talked about subject in the media lately. I am so glad that this is going to be the topic in parenting, rather than 'self-esteem' in late 1990's to early 2000. I can almost see how this is going to be hyped again and hundreds of new books will be written on this subject. While the rest of the world academically ponders and pontificates on how to develop grit.....I am proud to say that our young black belts (especially MDK athletes) already know what that really means.

Kudos to our parents for your patience and perseverance! You could have justified in so many different ways when you kids wanted to quit, but you did not let them. We are blessed and excited to be part of the process of developing full potential in our youths! Our world needs people who will actually roll up the sleeves and get things done, instead of whining, complaining and blaming others for not getting what they deserve.

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