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AMAA Curriculum

Modern Martial Arts System based on Traditional Values


       General Study

  • Physical Fitness & Flexibility

  • Improve motor skills, coordination and balance

  • Break Falls & basic acrobatic skills 

  • Long Range Techniques (Kicks) 

  • Medium Range Techniques (Hand strike)

  • Close Range Techniques (Joint manipulation)

  • Take Down & Ground Fighting (Wrestle)

  • Classical Forms & Weapons

  • Sparring / Competitions / Self-Defense

  • Performance skill

       Advanced Study

  • Leadership training

  • Goal Setting & self-management

  • Competitive Sport Martial Arts 

    • Tactics, strategies and game management 

    • ​Sports psychology

    • Injury prevention & treatment

    • Basic nutrition

    • Conditioning / weight training

  • Credential for coaching and teaching

  • Career and business training

We are proud accredited & Affiliates of  

The governing body of traditional Taekwondo.  All our black belts are Kukkiwon certified. 

AAU provides safe and

affordable sport competition experience for its members.  It also develops and support

youth athletes and we are proud to be their district representative.  

NGBD and a part of USOC.
Member since 2003 and we have produced more than 150 medalists and numerous national team members.
world tkd.png
World Taekwondo governs sport Taekwondo events, including Olympic, world championship and all regional qualifiers.  
safe sport.png
Background check and safe training environment for our staff and students
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