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Stripes Earned

Special Events & Tournament Participation

Advance Camp (Sparring / Demo / Others)


Leadership Contribution

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I agree that promotion examination fee, which has been paid is not refundable and I will accept any grade or belt rendered by American Martial Arts Academy with complete satisfaction, neither demanding nor protesting for a higher grade or belt promotion.

Parent's Home Rule Survey (under 13 years of age)

We want our students to be accountable on the mat and off the mat. Please respond to our survey honestly. We will use this answer to guide and counsel your children to be more successful on and off the mat.

Does you child always say "Hi Mom/Dad" when you ente the house and say "Goodbye" when you leave?"
Does your child always say "thank you" to you and othe people wh help them?
Does your child wait for their turn to speak and not interrupt adult conversations?
Is your child kind to their brothers and sisters, kind, helpful, and following the rules?
Does your child keep their room neat and clean?
Does your child maintain good hygiene?
Does your child always do their best at school and with homework? Finish you homework without skipping anything?
Does your child follow your guidelines on what is appropriate to watch and listen o TV and media?

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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