Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way

I just don't understand people who linger around in any given program, team, organization or community and back stab their leaders. If you can not trust and respect them, just leave and go somewhere else. Why linger around bitterly for years? Why pretend to believe in the cause but sabotage your own team? Instead of building the community, they form clicks, spread rumors and voice of doubts. They try to push, demand and exploit more time and attention from our staff while undermining us by criticizing our abilities, efforts, characters and devalue the program to others. They try to create their own rules and rationalize with all kinds of excuses. At the end, it is their kids who loose their community, sense of purpose, dream, goal and innocence.

Sometimes, we all grow out of the program and you have to move on. When that happens, I appreciate people who quietly leave and move on while holding on a good memory and positive things they gained out of the program. How quickly people forget and how they take things for granted. I press on boldly because many people who came to bless AMAA. They do not boast or feel entitled because they are paying their dues to support our program. They focus on the progress, not just immediate results now. They are actually happy for us when we are doing well and say 'thank you', which encourage us to do the better job. They are more than customers; they are my core clients, counselors and core community members. Their kids are my children's friends and they are a part of my extended family. I will never hesitate to go the extra mile and give more of me to these members. Thank you!