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Our Philosophy and Values

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“Greatest power in life is discipline…”

Our logo is an abstract image of two persons kicking high; one in red and one in blue.  It also resembles a flame; flame of passion.  Passion is an engine behind any great idea, cause, and organization.  We are passionate about martial arts and its benefits to everyone.  Our goal is to work, teach and practice martial arts with passion.  That passion needs to guided by a positive mission.  Our passion is grounded on clear three mission statements. 


High kicking symbolizes an act of pursuit of excellence in the physical, mental and spiritual domains. 

That pursuit is not going to be realized unless it is accompanied by diligent preparation.   

Preparation requires a discipline and system driven life.  Discipline will naturally lead to success.

Repeated success increase your confidence and higher level of physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual awareness. 

This power corrupts unless it is a harness with compassion.  Compassionate people do not look down on people who are less fortunate than they are; rather they strive to help less fortunate with their talent and resources.

Finally, we want our students to have the courage and strength to be competitive and thrive in this hyper-competitive world.   The competitiveness does not lead to long-term success unless we collaborate with others; think win/win solution in every situation.  Discipline is the foundation where we will build our vision, because it requires discipline to live a life of principles centered life; rather than following our impulses and emotions.  We invite you to be a part of this journey.

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