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Can You Walk Away from the Lure of Success?

#MeToo movement is hitting Taekwondo world hard too.

This is not a comfortable topic to talk about with our young people, but this is everywhere, and you cannot escape nor shelter our young people from this issue. Therefore, I am compelled to offer my perspective and direction for my students and parents on this issue.

First, why does it take so long for someone to step up or speak up? Confronting high profile athletes or anyone who is highly successful is not an easy thing to do. This is very common in many sports because wining gives them influence and power within that organization. USOC cultivated this corrupt culture by fostering, winning at all cost, because cooperate sponsors are drawn by winning.

You also have to risk alienating a lot of people, financial stability, your political standing in the organization if you fail to prove or persuade others. Many people will also defend them for various reasons; friendship, loyalty, political alliances, and financial ties with accused athletes and coaches. You have to risk everything in order to seek justice and this requires extra-ordinary courage and resources.

Young people never should be cynical and jaded about the world. They should strive to make a better society and never stop fighting and believe in the right cause. If you want to make a difference, here is my advise and plead with our young leaders;

- Best Self-Defense is Awareness and Prevention

For our girls, you need to know that most assault against women happens by someone they know; especially on the college campuses. Exercise good common sense, intuition, instinct, confidence, and self-control. Do not put your guard down and get intoxicated. That goes for our young men; your life can get ruined by hanging around with the wrong crowd. Have fun, but walk away fast when it is inappropriate.

- Be ready to walk away from the lure of a big opportunity

About three years ago, one of a very high profile Olympian and former national team coach has shown interest in my son. A major Olympian coach endorsing my own son was very flattering, but my wife and I politely declined, because we did not trust the moral compass of this man. You may think it is an obvious and right decision, but this is not easy to do when someone says that I can help you to go to Olympic. I will guarantee that this type of similar dilemma is going to happen in your life when your pursuit to become the elite of any competitive sports, arts, and business. Be ready to walk away from the chance of life time, if you do not trust their ethics. You will be haunted for years for making moral compromise.

- Small Lies Leads to Big Lies

Make sure you do not make a habit of making many small lies to your parents, teachers, and coaches - to get out of the hot spots. We all make mistakes and dumb decisions; own up to it and face the consequences early on. Every time you get away with small lies, you are getting closer and closer to become numb and comfortable with lying and cheating people. It will eventually become a permanent part of your character and your life.

Remember that justice is served at Its own time. People like Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey Epstein always felt like they can get away with it because nothing happens immediately. However, justice arrives eventually and harshly. When their lies were exposed, it was excruciatingly devastating and humiliating.

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