Learning Center

Our afterschool program is based on the value and philosophy of martial arts.  We provide a well structured, safe and supportive environment where children are encouraged to be courteous, considerate to one each other and care about the work they put in everything they do.  We also balance that structure and discipline with fun activities.  There is never a dull moment.  We also provide structure homework and afternoon enrichment. the program, to go along with Taekwondo lessons.    

After School Program

Pick Up / Homework Supervision

Summer Camp Program

Our summer program gives a perfect balance of academics and fun.  In the morning, our students are challenged to learning level specifics.  Summer is a great time to learn new learning objectives or fill in the learning gaps during the school year.   In the afternoon is fun afternoons with field trips, fun enrichment classes like cooking, art, sports camp, and other fun activities.   

Home schooling

Our learning center has been homeschooling our students since 2009.  Homeschool is a great alternative way of learning.   Homeschooling at our learning center is designed with the student in mind and their learning style.  The homeschooling curriculum is tailored around the student and their learning objective.